Singsation is reinventing Karaoke and make it more fun! Singsation Karaoke line-up emphasis on sound quality, light & sound effects.

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Your dream always begins the same way. The music starts to build. The stage lights slowly brighten. The crowd noise gets louder and louder with anticipation. Grab the's show time.

Dreams do come true with Singsation All-in-One Karaoke Systems. We offer a full range of karaoke products that'll energize your parties. Now you can stand in the footlights, hear the applause, and sing like the superstar you were meant to be.

We've designed a full line of Singsation products that work seamlessly with all karaoke apps. Impress your friends and create the ultimate karaoke atmosphere, right in your own home. There are no CDs or subscriptions required. You can stream karaoke music and lyrics directly from your smartphone or tablet. It doesn't get any easier. Singsation is a true sensation-it gives you the most variety of voice, sound, and light effects and will take your performances to a new level.


12 months

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